A common question people often have is;
What are the basic steps involved in
getting a website set up?

Hi. I’m Shahee, and I’m here to clear up the confusion.

Here’s a quick guide to familiarize you with some of the basic terms and steps involved in getting your own website.


Complete Support


The hosting is the server computers, which are located online where other people can see your website.

Domain Name

The name of your website. Usually ends in a .com or .net or something like that. It’s actually like a forwarding number which points people to the computer, or your host, where your website is actually located.


A lot of you may have heard of WordPress. WordPress is a website management system. It’s basically the system from which your website will be designed.

I will install the WordPress website and blog creation system and set it up for you.

Website Theme

Your theme is how WordPress stylizes your website. There are many free and paid options, and each is customizable, to varing degrees.

I will guide you to choose a theme, either a professional theme with full support, or a free one if you choose.

Website Structure

When we are talking about the website structure, we’re talking about the file tree structure, of where your pages and posts are, and the menu structure.

I set up the structure; the pages & menus and add your content; written copy, logos, photos, videos, maps, etc. in the best places. If you need a logo, I will help you with that as well.


Content is the photos, videos, and the written copy which your website pages will be desplaying.

Much of this I will be recieving from you.

Written Copy

Introduction, Service / Product description, About information, Contact Information, etc. Everything written on your website.

Website Design

This is the design aspect of your website. Which is where I combine your chosen theme, logo, photos, videos, font styles, visual spacing, and put it all together to create the overall feeling of your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is about optimizing your website for search engines to be able to read your website’s content and catch the main keywords and tags so that you rank higher, under those keywords.

I will make sure your website’s keywords are optimized for you, and submit your website to all the major search engines. At this point you will be ready to start letting the world know about your new website!